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Our spares distribution model follows global trends of centralised spare parts distribution. Our spares warehouse is located in Lagos and enables our customers to purchase Yutong genuine spare parts in an easy and convenient way. 

We also employ service experts that will provide you with correct, comprehensive and prompt service regarding the ordering of your spare parts.

Good natural rubber that is resistant to corrosion, cold and hot weather

Yutong rubber products adopt Chloroprene Rubber (CR) with good resistance to high temperature, weather and ozone, and natural rubber (NR) featuring excellent cold resistance, which have gone through rigorous testing in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the products. Tailor-made products boast more suitable and stable performance.

Ultra strong alloy steels with high loading capacity

Yutong suspension components use high-strength alloy steels. They boast light weight and high shear and bending strength which is over 2 times that of medium-carbon steels. The spare parts with longer fatigue life and more stable quality enable you to enjoy a worry-free journey.

Carefully selected materials with stable performances

Yutong brake spare parts are made of high quality materials. Its friction coefficient, braking distance and other technical indicators are superior to the industrial standards, thus effectively ensuring the braking safety and setting your mind at ease during the trip.

State-of-the-art processes ensure the top quality

Imported products with world renowned brands

Under different conditions (high temperature, humidity, speed, pressure), it boasts stable friction coefficient and short braking distance, thus ensuring the safety of vehicles while braking.

Adopting stable materials and composition ratio and treated with advanced processes, the brake discs feature long service life, thus reducing the operating costs.

The products have gone through the bench test and have a super wear resistance. Its service life can reach over 100,000 km.

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